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The song was drastically rearranged for solo live performance. Thom played the song on Fender Rhodes during a radio session for XFM on august 21st 2006:
A different performance from the same session was aired on XFM on january 3rd 2008. Thom sings the whole song an octave higher:
Q: "The world presented in The Eraser is full of paranoia and scary dysfunctional stuff."

Thom: "I bet you thought, 'Oh, he's at it again...' (laughs). It certainly gets very dark in the middle, yeah - with 'Skip Divided', which is about complete disconnection."

Q: "That song sounds like someone having serious problems in their inter-personal relationships. Is it autobiographical? Or do these words just appear out of your mouth?"

Thom: "It's always both - he said, being nice and evasive. You always take things from what's happening to you and whatever psychic garbage that's lodged in your head."
In 2006, perhaps around the same time that Thom contributed vocals to their track 'The White Flash', the German duo Modeselektor remixed 'Skip Divided' and played it to audiences various times. Thom made the track available as a download at the Boomkat website on december 17th 2007, then it was released as part of a series of three 12" vinyl remix EPs in january 2008:
It took Thom three years following the release of The Eraser to put together a proper tour based on the album. Recruiting Nigel Godrich, Flea, Mauro Refosco and Joey Waronker to form the band, the group played a first set of shows in october 2009 and another in april 2010, initially under the name "?????", since Thom had not yet named the project "Atoms For Peace". The tour ended with a solitary gig in august 2010 in Japan. Each night, the main set would consist of the The Eraser played in its entirety:
The song had its full band live debut on October 2nd 2009 at the Echoplex in Los Angeles at the first gig of Thom's then unnamed band, consisting of himself, Flea, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco: