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On March 24th 2009, the song was reportedly soundchecked in Buenos Aires, but no fan recording has apparently been made of that. A fan who was inside the venue during the soundcheck identified it in hindsight.
On August 12th 2009, the studio recording of this song was leaked on the private torrent tracker by the member crza, who must have either been a member of the band or someone working for them. The mp3 was accompanied by an .nfo file, which contained an abstract image, details on the rip and a piece of text, which seems to come from Thom and vaguely mentions negotiations. The whole content of the .nfo file can be viewed here (click image for full size):
On August 17th 2009 (just as the nfo file had mentioned), the single was officially announced on Dead Air Space by Jonny:
The zip file, which could be downloaded free of charge from w.a.s.t.e.'s digital store or from a torrent on mininova, contained the mp3, a txt file with production notes and a pdf with tracing paper artwork called twisted woods. A fourth file, an image made by layering a selection of the pieces in the pdf, served as artwork for the track.
On August 23rd 2009, the song had its live debut in Prague:
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Lyrics from the song were used in the official 2009 tour merchandise:
In late November 2009, Stanley announced the sale of new prints that developed the tracing paper artwork further:
The song was part of the setlist at Thom's february 25th 2010 Green Party benefit gig in Cambridge:
6. february 25th 2010 Corn Exchange Cambridge UK Link
Live performances #7 to #11 during the touring for The King of Limbs:
Live performances #12 to #17 during the touring for The King of Limbs: