[on loosening up the Los Angeles crowd]
Thom: Everybody's...I-I like the challenge of loosening these people up. Because they're very uptight really. Although they are pretending very hard not to be. So, erm...that's my mission.

[on principles]
Thom: As far as-as far as we're concerned, um... there's some things we have to do and there's some things we, you know. We're not, we're not purer than pure because you can't be, 'cause it's impossible and it's kind of depressing but that's the way it is, you know. But, um, I would not say that, you know, it's really, I don't think we're particularly principled. I mean, it's just, there's some things we can't live with- sorry I can't shake that hand, i can't do that. It just can't be done and also, um, uhhh, there's a sort of certain thing that happens when your music is successful that other people deem it their property which it isn't, it's the property of the people who enjoy it, you know. Like, like, if you sell your music for a car ad then you're selling everybody's memory of that music and robbing them of it. That's the way I look at it. Um, so, and kind of the whole point of it is, music is about, em, triggering memories for people. That's what it is, that's what it does. That's what it does for me every night and if you rob people of that, if you associate it with Lexus then what's the point in being a musician. That's what I think.

[on piracy]
Thom: Erm, well a lot of the time, it think the reason that people pirate is they want access to good music and they don't get it because the radio is so shit. And I... I think there's no access to people, you know. The little indie store's shut down like four years ago and people can't buy the record they wanted to and they have to swap music with their friends 'cause it's the only fucking way to do it 'cause nobody wants to, you know, nobody touches the weird shit. So in a way, you know, for us a lot of it is kind of, you know, pre-emption of the radio. You know, they started playing it on the radio here because...it was out the net.

[on finding hope on Hail to the Thief]
Thom: If there's hope on the record, it comes from the fact that we're kind of enjoying playing together. We kind of got into a space that's good- a good space. And so the music has got a positive energy to it. It's not like banging it, you're not trying to slam people over the head or you know, whatever. You're not trying to push yourself all the time, it's just there and, um, dunno, which is a new thing for us.

[on having sex to Radiohead's music]
Thom: It's always confused the living shit out of me that anybody could shag to out music. Um, but people do, apparently. I can't... (clearly shocked) Paranoid Android? This girl came up to me, she bangs, she bangs to Paranoid Android. How?