[The first 2 lines here weren't included in the final movie but were posted on the director's blog.]

Ed: On Your Own Again, that for me, whenever we go on tour, I've always got Scott 4, and like, about day 40 or whatever, I just put it on and it works, it's become the soundtrack to alienation on the road, it's brilliant. It's like when you're in love, or you're out of love and your heart is broken but you sort of wallow in it because you love it, you know what I mean? It's horrible but it's romantic.

Jonny: We're long time fans. When we're writing new songs there tend to be names that keep coming up amongst the band in reference to the new songs...and its usually Scott Walker, Can...

Jonny: You know, a lot of our songs were called "the Scott Walker song".

Ed: Creep was.

Jonny: Creep was, yeah certainly. When we recorded it, that was the title...we always keep coming back to his records and his music.


Jonny: What I understand, when he was working on Tilt, he did some in RAK, where we did some stuff. And it was strangest collection of instruments lying around.

Colin: That's right!

Jonny: How was he going to make a record with timpani and...

Colin: Orchestral percussions!

Jonny: Yeah, it was very bizarre. The ghost of Scott Walker was hanging over the whole recording. Didn't Nigel drive down to the first session of OK Computer, another one of our albums, and drove past Scott Walker on a bicycle in South London?

Colin: That's right!

Jonny: He was really excited, he'd just seen Scott Walker!