The Pile: Unreleased Songs and Fragments

In this section you can find songs, that for one reason or another have not been released officially yet. Not listed are the early songs from the known On A Friday demo tapes, which are being taken care of in this section separately. It's highly likely that there are many more unreleased songs and fragments that nobody outside the band has ever heard of.

These songs are ones that can be considered as possible candidates for the next album, and the most likely ones are also collected in the provisional LP9 section. All speculation, of course. Some of these might also end up on another solo album by Thom:
Bodies Laughing
Burn The Witch
Come To Your Senses
Cut a Hole
Dawn Chorus
Follow Me Around
Ful Stop
I Lie Awake
The North Wind
Open The Floodgates
The Present Tense
[Riding A Bullet]
Skirting On The Surface
Suit Don't Fit
[Wake Me]

The next batch are older unreleased songs, some of which rank as "lost classics" among fans. Some may indeed be lost, some may reappear and be released in the future:
Big Boots
I Froze Up
Innocent Civilians
I Promise
Say The Word
True Love Waits
We Agree

This is a list of ideas, sketches, lyrical and musical fragments, of which it is not known whether they have yet been developed into something more substantial or not:
Big Cheese
Better Things
Coin In A Cup
[Coming On Music 2008]
Fela Kuti Thing
"Jonny Scott Walker Song"
Nasty People
No Shame
Whatever Happens

Check the Alphabetical Song Index if a title you expected to find here is not listed.