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This video was directed by Jake Scott.
Scott: The film is actually an allegory for death and reincarnation but if you can read that into it you must be as weird as the people who made it
Thom: I mean only in the sense that I'm actually the one that's calls the director and stuff. It's a really weird system in the music industry, most artists have people that just go out and find them music video director and do all the work. Whereas the person that we worker with is very close friend of ours and said a while ago we wanted to work with people who would not normally work in that field. After we worked with Jack Scott on 'Fake Plastic Trees' we sort of got off on that, what we resented was that fact that we had to pay so much money [laughs] and his was so experniced and it was sort of intimidating so we wanted to work with people who hadn't really done much before like the guy from 'Just' hadn't done any pop videos at all. He made this really beautiful short film that we saw.
'Fake Plastic Trees' was produced by Jake Scott [son of Bidley - who directed Blade Bunner], and was shot in a hangar at L.A.'s Van Nuys airport, where the end of Casablanca was filmed.