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Thom's dance in this video was choreographed by Wayne McGregor (McGregor also choregraphed the dance in the video for the Atoms for Peace song "Ingenue"), the resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet. In an interview McGregor gave to TimeOut, he said of the video, "I've looked at the comments and it's really interesting, the debate that it's caused. Whether it is choreography, whether it's just someone dancing to music - all those things about authenticity of action, they're all [questions] of authenticity we're engaged in all the time. I became involved with the video at Yorke's request as the two share mutual friends. I honestly think he's an incredible dancer."
In 2011, to celebrate the release of The King of Limbs, the band planned to premiere this video at the Hachiko Square in Tokyo 1 day before the release of the new album. However, the event was cancelled a few hours before it was due to safety concerns.
The video was instead premiered on Youtube and shown at the Hachiko Square at a later, unknown date:

During his DJ-set at KCRW in 2014, Thom described seeing this video like "suddenly seeing yourself naked for the first time".