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[1986 Demo]
The earliest circulated demo tape by the band comes from 1986, when the line-up included a saxophone player, Rasmus ("Raz") Peterson. Jonny had not yet joined his brother's band. This tape was apparently recorded at the music room of Abingdon School. It contains the following songs:

Side A: Fragile FriendGirl (In the Purple Dress)Everybody KnowsMountains (On the Move)Fat GirlLemming TrailLock the Door
Side B: Fragile Friend (Remix)Lemming Trail (Remix)Lock the Door (version)In the Breeze

The remixes on side B are slightly weird "dub versions" where the vocals pretty much cut in and out at random.
The recordings from this tape were the last to surface of all OAF demo tapes. They were uploaded to Youtube from October 2011 onwards by the member Klootme. She explained:
"History behind the tape is that my husband was at school with the band and partied with them (before Jonny joined them!). Phil was at Uni with us both in Liverpool. The demo was given to my husband at 17 in school. We used to go and see them play in Oxford and was friends with them. They were fairly inactive from 1987 -1990 as a band. But when everyone had finished Uni they got back together and tried to make a go of it. They went to the States...we went backpacking to India for 6 months. Six months later we retured from India...saw Colin with a binbag full of laundry at the lauderette....."so much for the States" we laughed......." I remember seeing them in Oxford where me and my husband made up an audience of 6!"