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First Tapes
The final pre-Radiohead demo was recorded in october 1991 on 24-track equipment for £500 at Courtyard Studios, owned by Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge. Officially titled First Tapes, it became widely known as the "Manic Hedgehog Demo", named after the shop in Oxford that sold the cassette copies for £3 each.
Five songs were selected for inclusion:

I Can't
Nothing Touches Me
Thinking About You
Phillipa Chicken

Following the sessions for this demo, Hufford and Edge became the band's managers. The version of 'Thinking About You' from First Tapes would reappear on Radiohead's first release on Parlophone, the Drill EP, which would also be recorded at Courtyard Studios in early 1992, a few months after this demo was taped there. Just in time for their first official release on a major label, the band finally changed their name to Radiohead.
They've just been into Courtyard Studios with Chris Hufford, producer of Slowdive's album.
Colin: "He heard about us through a mutual friend and came to see us at the Jericho. Afterwards he was almost shaking. He said we were the best group he'd seen in three years and invited us to record with him at the Courtyard. We see it as an investment."
And the investment seems to be about to pay off sooner than they expected. The five songs they recorded show a massive leap in depth and professionalism from their last demo, impressive though it was. The new tape should be available from Manic Hedgehog by the time you read this and it's well worth forking out £3 for. In short it's a stormer.