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There's little danger anyone will interpret this album, as some did with 'The Bends', as a sort of pre-emptive suicide note. Although, once you throw in the album title, songs like 'Karma Police' and "Subterranean Homesick Alien' and the accompanying messily futuristic artwork, some might view it as a, er, Orwellian concept album.
"Oh God,' blanches Colin. 'What a ghastly thought. That makes it sound like Rick Wakeman and his Knights of the Roundtable On Ice or something."
Determined to form his own conclusions, Greenwood listened to the likes of Genesis, King Crimson and Pink Floyd, "though I didn't even bother with Yes, seeing as how they were met with so much derision."
"It *is* all awful and terrible," Greenwood says, his brown eyes widening. "I found the one good Pink Floyd album, 'Meddle,' which is amazing, though that's supposedly the one that made Johnny Lydon say he hated them. I came out after listening to all these terrible Genesis records with the realizations that the Mellotron is a great instrument, and that you should never have a song with 'unicorn' in the title. So a few lessons were learned."
Jonny: “Time is always the great leveller. If you look at polls from 1973 you’ll find you’ve got Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones up in the top five with Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Yes. Half of these band are irrelevant and awful and the other ones aren’t.”
“Which ones are we?” Ed wonders aloud.
“We don’t know,” sighs Jonny. “We have no way of knowing.”