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February 11th 2000
Radiohead's Oxfordshire Studio, UK - Webcast #2
01.There there
02.Improvisation [Jonny]
03.Improvisation [‘Ed's Scary Song’]

Marlene Shaw - California Soul
Stetsosonic -All That Jazz
Captain Beefheart - Sun Zoom Spark
Five Ounces Of Soul - Love Got A Piece of Your Mind
Commodores - Machine Gun
P J Harvey - OStella
PIL - Flowers Of Romance
John Barry - The Danny Scipio Theme
The Beat - Save It For Later
Lou reed - Vicious
Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock
Charles Wright - I'm Aware
The Movie Album - Goin' hollywood
Charles Sherell - Yes It's You
Schooly D - Do It Do It
South Bronx - Hip Hop Til You Drop
Charles Sullivan - Genesis
Betty Davis - F.U.N.K
Ray Charles - Night And Day
Hall + Oates - Had I Known You Better Then
Kraftwerk - Tour De France
? - Felicidade
With These Themes 3 - Avro Car
Neu! - Fur Immer
Bob Marley - Single Dub
Linda Lyndelt - What A Man
The Specials - Ghost Town
Sergio Mendes - After Sunrise
Velvet Underground - Who Loves The Sun
Virna Lindt - Attention Stockholm
Barrett Strong - Money
Tom Waits - Such A Scream
Marvyn Gaye - ?
Gerry Mulligan - Morning Of The Carnival
Joe Quarterman and Free Soul - Live Now Brothers
Colin in january 2000 in a post in his section of

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to lose the mugshot, but my computer's been sick all festive season, and I finally got it back from the mac doctor in Philadelphia, but then whilst I was over there, I forgot to bring the right plug, so I couldn't use it. Duh!

Guess what, I bought lots of records in Philadelphia and elsewhere in Pennsylvania, more Mr Lewis and also Ray Bryant, a fine percussive piano player. I hope to be spinning some of my ' finds ' on the web-cast next fortnight, when maybe eddie and I and phil and whoever cares to will be taking over on the wheels of steel for our village disco. I'm going to try and draw one of those flashing light boxes with those triangular slabs of light flashing on and off in no particular time that would be stacked in front of the decks in the village halls and school discos of my youth. Ahh.

My millenial book over the happy holidays was " reflections on a ravaged century " by Robert Conquest; I can't remember the first bit of the title, but it was very good, Christopher Hitchens wrote a great review of it in the TLS a couple of months ago. It's very interesting about the west's failure of imagination when dealing with the Soviet Union, and it made me want to read lots of Orwell, my next book assignment. What does this have to do with rock and roll? Well we start back next week, and I'm looking forward to seeing the faces and making some noises.