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October 11th 2000
Roseland Ballroom - New York City, NY, USA
main set
01.The National Anthem
02.Morning Bell
04.In Limbo
07.My Iron Lung
08.Permanent Daylight
09.You and Whose Army?
10.No Surprises
11.Dollars and Cents
12.Talk Show Host
13.How to Disappear Completely
14.Paranoid Android
17.Everything in Its Right Place
encore 1
18.I Might Be Wrong
19.Karma Police
20.The Bends
21.Pyramid Song
encore 2
22.Motion Picture Soundtrack
In an interview for KRCW, Ed remembered reactions the band received at this gig from record companies regarding the success of Kid A:
Ed: [on the success of Kid A] It was wonderful. No, it was great, it was great. I mean, I think one of the best things for me was that, you know, obviously that people liked it, but you also... it was this amazing thing, we did this gig at, erm... oh, what’s it called?

Colin: Roseland.

Ed: Roseland. Yeah, we did this gig at Roseland. And people from different record companies were coming up and saying "I don’t work with your band, I’m with a rival label, blah, blah, blah, blah, but thank you, thank you, thank you, at last there’s something different in the industry, and we don’t have to...", you know, the industry’s become so stale, there are set routes, because that’s the way you do, you know, you’ve got your boxes, you’re a guitar band, you go in that box, you got that one, you’re a hip-hop band, you go in that box... It’s all bullshit, that stuff.