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June 1st 2001
Nürnberg, Germany - Rock am Ring Festival
main set
01.The National Anthem
02.Morning Bell
04.Talk Show Host
05.In Limbo
06.My Iron Lung
07.Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
08.Exit Music (For a Film)
09.No Surprises
10.Dollars and Cents
11.Street Spirit (Fade Out)
12.You and Whose Army?
13.Karma Police
14.I Might Be Wrong
15.Pyramid Song
16.Paranoid Android
Here Comes the Flood [Intro]
18.Everything in Its Right Place
21.The Bends
22.How to Disappear Completely
23.Climbing Up the Walls
These are the pages from the itinerary book for this tour that are relevant for this gig (click for full size):