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August 24th 2003
Maryland Heights/St. Louis, USA - UMB Bank Pavilion
main set
01.The Gloaming
02.2 + 2 = 5
03.Sit down. Stand up.
04.Where I End and You Begin
06.Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was
07.Knives Out
08.Climbing Up the Walls
09.Talk Show Host
10.Sail to the Moon
11.A Wolf at the Door
12.Paranoid Android
13.Go to Sleep
14.I Might Be Wrong
16.No Surprises
17.There there
encore 1
18.Pyramid Song
21.How to Disappear Completely
encore 2
22.The National Anthem
Hunting Bears [Outro]
After the Gold Rush [Intro]
23.Everything in Its Right Place