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Jonny: "'s an enormous relief to be here

Colin: "Yeah. We had a good time in December and it's good to be back here as well.

Brother Bill: "In December you played the Warehouse. It holds about 15 - 1600 people. This time you're playing Varsity Arena and the show is all but sold out. 4700 tickets sold.

Colin: "Somewhere along the way we must have done something right.

Jonny: "My mum has something to be proud of.

Colin: "Yes. Our mum. She's my mother as well, Jonathan.

Brother Bill: "Well something has worked out really nicely and as I said there was a limited amount of tickets that were released today. I have a feeling they're going fast too. 200 released today so get down to Ticketmaster (etc....)

Colin: "That's right! Run!

Brother Bill: "I guess we should start with what has been going on with you for the last year or so? The Bends came out when? Do you remember?

Colin: "Yeah it came out in Feb. or March 1995 and it's interesting that in the U.K it's gone back into the top 10 for the last 8 weeks almost a year after it came out. Nobody really knows why. No reason for it- -

Jonny: (grumbles)

Colin: "What's that for? My brother just grunted.

Jonny: "I have a very sore throat. Sorry.

Brother Bill: "When it first came out in the U.K, was the initial reaction... It's always been this way for Radiohead because you haven't been really....

Colin: "Touted by the press.

Jonny: "Touted".

Colin: "Yeah. It's always been quite slow. But it's good because it means any ground we make up is our own momentum that's created.

Jonny: "Momentum".

Colin: "It's a good word to use. Variation on the word "hype".

Brother Bill: "Appropriate too.

Colin: "It is appropriate. I think so. And so yeah I mean it's for such effects such as it doing so well in England a year after it came out. Had time for it to sink in. Some friends of mine were searched by British anti-terrorist police who were Radiohead fans. This was in London about a month ago after the IRA bomb. They were in another band and the policeman goes: "Have you heard of Radiohead? They're my favorite group!" ...With their machine guns. It appeals to a lot of people.

Brother Bill: "O.K we're going to play a song that arguably garnered you a lot of attention in North america.

Colin: "Oh it's history time is it?

Brother Bill: "Well... We won't get too far into the history. We'll play the song 'Just'.

(plays it, Jonny and Colin babble over the opening chords. This is indecipherable.)

Brother Bill: "102.1 The Edge. Radiohead play Varsity Arena tonight (blah blah stuff we know already) (Microphone feeds back) What's that?! Is that feedback? ....Oh! It's Jonny!

Jonny: "I'm being childish.

Brother Bill: "That's O.K. Jonny and Colin Greenwood are here from Radiohead. I guess the next question is that simply because The Bends came out a year ago now and you've been touring since the release of it, have you had any time off whatsoever?

Colin - Uh... not really. We had four weeks off in January and that's been the time off for the last year and a bit.

Jonny: "We've been recording and healthy things like that.

Brother Bill: "My next question! Have you actually had the chance to go into the studio?

Jonny: "Yeah wehuphup... Great sentence start!! We were aiming to be kind of self-indulgent and spend a year recording but we did four days in a studio and we've already got three songs so I think it's going to be horribly quick again.

Brother Bill: "Do we hear them tonight?

Jonny: "Yes, you will.

Brother Bill: "Any titles yet?

Jonny: "Yes we do.

Colin: "'The Unicorn'...

Jonny: "(laughing) We've got one called 'Lift', we've got one called 'Subterranean Homesick Alien' and one called 'Electioneering'.

Brother Bill: "'Subterranean Homesick Alien'... Kind of a take-off on Bob Dylan

Jonny: "No, just lots of syllables.

Colin: "But it's also because we're working with John Leckie and he's developed this whole concept of the hollow earth theory and aliens living in the heart of the earth.

Jonny: "The earth is hollow, apparently.

Brother Bill: "Will it be John Leckie again producing?

Colin: "No, we're going to have a go at doing it ourselves. If something goes horribly wrong, we're going to turn up cap-in-hand at his door.

(More feedback)

Jonny: "Sorry!

Colin: "So childish!

Brother Bill: "So you had that extra time off to do some recording and we're going to hear some new stuff tonight. What I should mention is the fact that- Is this the beginning of the North American tour?

Colin: "No. We've already done about three weeks on tour and got about another seven days to do. I mean one of the reasons we're out on these tours is, as well as the record doing quite well, is to play some new songs to people. Try new songs out.

Jonny: "Just completing our rehearsals.

Colin: "Yeah. People pay to see us rehearse new material!

Brother Bill: "So what you're saying is tonight, basically, you may stop mid-song!

Jonny: "We frequently stop.

Colin: "Yeah. In L.A we played one song so badly! A new song. We had to play it again at the end of the set!

Jonny: "So self-indulgent!

Brother Bill: "So when do you see this part of the tour wrapping up?

Jonny: "This highlight. Well, it started with a highlight because we started in Canada and we had to go back to America. So this is another peak.

Brother Bill: "You've been going in North America since the last time you were here?

Jonny: "No. We started in Vancouver a week and a half ago.

Colin: "Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle... So, yeah.

Brother Bill: "I have to ask the question. There are rumours around that you just may be - Radiohead may just be the opening act for Alanis Morrissette on her cross-Canada tour. Is that true?

Audience - BOO! BOO! BOO!

Colin: "Well I'd hate to think we were upsetting people who like our music by supporting Alanis Morrissette who does a cover of one of our songs which we're very happy about...

Jonny: "We've never seen her or met her... I don't know.

Colin: "She's Canadian! That's cool, isn't she?

Brother Bill: "Well, as far as Canada goes, there's a bit of animosity towards her.

Colin: "Why? 'Cause she's successful?

Brother Bill: "No. She released a couple of albums that were basically disco records and now she's changed her image and a lot of people - as you heard by the reaction there - are neither pro or con.

Colin: "There's nothing wrong with an image maker. Look at us! We did it alright!

Brother Bill: "Basically, you can't say whether you are or not. Is that what you're saying?

Colin: "I think we can, actually. Yes, we are touring with her in August for three weeks. She's a fan of the record which is cool. A lot of musicians like Seal and k.d lang and Alanis Morrissette and R.E.M have been very supportive with The Bends and our music so we're very grateful for that.

Brother Bill: "You talked about Alanis covering one of your songs. Chrissy Hynde did as well.

Colin: "That's right, She covered "Creep". We quite liked it, didn't we? In fact, the first time we heard it was on your show. On CFNY.

Brother Bill: ""Live in Toronto" with Kim Hughes. She came in and gave the tape to Kim. She said: "You can have it and play it to the guys".

Colin: "We really liked it. There's a Tears For Fears version of it as well which we aren't so keen on.

Brother Bill: "Oh really? I wasn't aware of that. Were any of you at the British Music Awards?

Colin: "Yes, we were all there and we're never going again because it was a travesty and a farce and full of obnoxious, drug taking, alcohol swilling, corporate pigs.

Brother Bill: "Anybody specific?

Colin: "Ummm.... All of them, quite frankly. I've never seen... you know. It was bizarre. It was like being in Danone's (??) "The Hit Man". That book.

Brother Bill: "Did you win anything at the Brit Awards? I don't think you did, did you?

Colin: "No, we didn't. And I'm glad... It would have been cool, yeah. We should have won something. Supergrass won something so that was cool. We cheered them on.

Brother Bill: "If you have the chance, listen to Supergrass' new single. It's amazing.

Colin: "Yeah it's great.

Brother Bill: "I just wanted to know if you were at the Brit Awards because we didn't really see what happened. I know you saw what Jarvis Cocker did...

Colin: "I have to confess that I was so drunk that I didn't even notice Jarvis flying--

Jonny: "Hang on! You were one of those drinking, drug-inducing....

Colin: "No, I wasn't one of those. I'm too skinny to be all of those things! It was just unfortunate--

Jonny: "That Jarvis leapt onstage. But I don't know... I was kind of with Michael Jackson in a way because he was putting on a show and... fuck it you know... he was doing his Jesus thing but so was David Bowie in the 70's. It's all a show. It was memorable. Memorably bad.

Brother Bill: "The name of the album is The Bends. The band is Radiohead. Jonny and Colin are visiting us here at the Hard Rock Cafe. They're in town for a show at Varsity Arena.

Brother Bill: "102.1 The Edge. That was Radiohead. Taken from their album The Bends. Jonny and Colin Greenwood, the guitar player and bassist respectively, with us down here at the Hard Rock Cafe. You have toured with a lot of different bands and many different styles as well. Soul Asylum, R.E.M,...

Colin: "Frank and Walters

Brother Bill: "Frank and Walters...

Colin: "Sultans of Ping

Brother Bill: "Sultans of Ping F.C

Colin: "F.C yeah. We do have a bit of a reputation of being naughty slappers of the road who'll go with anybody.

Jonny: (giggles)

Colin: "The old whores that we are!

Brother Bill: "I was going to say, is there any style or any people that you would not tour with?

Colin: "Apart from Alanis?

Brother Bill: (laughs)

Colin: "I can't believe I didn't understand! You know... No... umm

Jonny: "I mean I won't judge her until I see her play. Maybe she is awful!

Colin: "No, I saw her. I thought she was really good.

Jonny: "Did you? I thought she's a bit pash, really. Bit of a... hrrmm hrrmm

Colin: "So anyway! Umm.. There's a divided opinion there. So, what was the question? Is there someone we wouldn't play with? Ach!

Brother Bill: "I mean with the exception of... I mean we're not talking someone like Waylin Jennings or anything like that!

Colin: "Ummm... well, you know, it's nice to be thinking you're going to be playing with someone if you're opening for them you're going to learn off them. So there isn't noone that we... uh you know... it's going to be someone we'd admire and like us, really. I mean... and it's also that we're trying to get away from doing supports and stuff after this next Alanis Morrisette thing. Try to do more of our own shows otherwise we kind of get known as this band who'll go out with R.E.M or U2 or whatever.

Brother Bill: "Yeah. You like to bring, is it David Grey? Am I getting his name right?

Colin: "Yes! David Grey.

Brother Bill: "You like to bring him out with you a lot.

Jonny and Colin: (laugh)

Colin: "It was supposed to be Sparklehorse

Jonny: "Until a week before we left and they - he.. the lead singer fell very ill.

Brother Bill: "Oh really?

Colin: "Yes, the singer had a bad accident and spent nearly 2 months in hospital in England.

Brother Bill: "So basically, David was available again and --

Colin: "Yes. We enjoy his music and he's got a new record coming out on EMI so we were very keen to have him with us.

Brother Bill: "There's a great band opening up as well. A local band called treble charger.

Colin: "Yeah. I chose them!

Brother Bill: "Did you really? Where did you hear their music?

Colin: "Umm... We got sent some stuff from people in Toronto to listen to and got sent treble charger's 3 CD's. The audio/visual one was kind of fun. The CD ROM thing. So and the first record was my favorite as well.

Brother Bill: "You're not a big festival band are you, really?

Jonny: "No. Festivals. I don't know. They seem to be more about money than music, really.

Brother Bill: "And making the scene it seemed to me. I was at the Glastonbury festival last year...

Jonny: "Glastonbury's all right. But Reading and some of the big fesivals they're a bit kind of you know... money orientated I think.

Brother Bill: "So were you ever offered Lollapolooza? I heard you were at one point.

Colin: "Yes we were but we decided it wasn't going to be a good idea psycologically for the group at the time because it would involve travelling in the same unit and like hotels and not actually seeing the towns themselves. You go and see this football stadium and football pictures where you play so, you know.

Brother Bill: "Is that where you're playing nowadays in Europe? Is it football stadiums?

Colin: "No! No! Ummm.... Apart from busking outside.

Brother Bill: "(laughs)

Colin: "...Bush Camden. Well there is a cool band in England called Denim and they're reinstigating the pub gig. It's like a dying art in England. The idea of going to the White Swan in Wontage and doing a show. So there could be a resurgence of pub gigs.

Brother Bill: "You never know but over here as I say, tonight 4700.

Colin: "It's going to be great, then.

Brother Bill: "Is that roughly the size of places in North America that you'd be playing?

Colin: "Uh.. no. The average size is about 1500 I suppose one and a half, 2000 so... In the UK it's about around similar to what we do in the UK at the moment is Toronto so yeah.

Brother Bill: "So I guess we're going to have to wait until the next album comes out.

Colin: "Well, Toronto's ahead of America then, in terms of the record.

Brother Bill: "Well, we appreciate you being here and again, I hope everything goes really well for you.

Audience: (Loud cheering)

Colin: "WOOO!

Brother Bill: "Hey! Radiohead. Again, they're at Varsity Arena--

Girl 1: "Radiohead rocks!!

Brother Bill: "There you go!

Girl 2: "I love you, Jonny!

Colin: "Oh! Steady! Steady! That's my brother you're talking about!

Brother Bill: "(laughing)Anyway, Radoihead is at Varsity Arena tonight. Jonny, Colin, thank you both for coming in!

Colin: "Thank you.

Brother Bill: "We really appreciate it.

Jonny: "Thank you.

Brother Bill: "This is the music of Radiohead from 102.1 The Edge.

(play 'High and Dry')