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This is a list of all the songs Ed mentioned in his online diary. The attributions "Thom + Jonny's Drum Thing"->"Idioteque" and "Song With No Name"->"I Might Be Wrong" are uncertain.
Everything In Its Right Place
Kid A
Everyone/The National Anthem
How To Disappear Completely
Lost At Sea/In Limbo
"Thom + Jonny's Drum Thing"
Morning Bell
Egyptian Song
You And Whose Army?
"Song With No Name"
Knives Out
Dollars And Cents
I Will
Keep The Wolf From The Door
Move Along
Up On The Ladder
Neil Young *9/Bombers
Paranoid Android
Let Down
Climbing Up The Walls
True Love Waits
Innocents Civilian
C Minor Song/Say The Word
"Jonny Scott Walker Song"
Follow Me Around
Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses