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Three questions for Ed O'Brien

Wasn't it too difficult, for Radiohead's guitarist, to adapt to the scene the new album's songs, released in October, which seems to be really marked by the electronic music ?

Our two firsts album were entirely made according to live shows. The third one, Ok Computer, was recorded at 85% in live conditions. The next one's really different. You'll find in it some liberties with our music, and very much surprising things because of unconventional using of electronic music. Some of those songs were almost recorded only by Thom. Some of them couldn't be play live, we didn't touch to them. We began to repeat this tour five weeks ago. Little by little, we find back an 'alchemy' that we lost for almost two years.

After your summer tour in antic theatres, you're keeping on touring, playing under a big-top. Is it to arrange the album's concept with the show ?

We recorded discs to try at different things, and not to become the biggest band in the world. In the same way, the perspective to play again in stadiums or giant places didn't excite us at all. Even if this tent contains 10.000 people, it may have something close friend and warm. Our lighter, Andy Watson, more influenced by theatre or dance than by shows, worked a lot about this project.

In the movie M.P.I.E, about your last tour, we saw Radiohead 'dead boring' when they wasn't playing. Why are you touring back now ?

That movie showed not enough the pleasure we had during the shows, our life-maker. But it's true that our life during the tours can be really boring. During that tour, i was always totally fucked up [by drugs], to be in my own world. You must take some precautions to keep living truely : not staying more than four weeks far from your house, keep on recording in studio during the tour, and reading newspapers not to escape from reality.