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Publication Publication Date Author/Interviewer/Host Interview Date
Analogue february 6th 2008 Karl McDonald P december 7th 2007
Hot Press may 19th 1993 Stuart Clark E possibly may 14th 1993
Hot Press april 5th 1995 Patrick Brennan - - - -
Hot Press august 9th 1995 Stuart Clark C prob. june 1995
Hot Press june 25th 1997 Craig Fitzsimons TJ possibly june 20th 1997
Hot Press october 11th 2000 Dave Fanning T august/september 2000
Hot Press october 11th 2001 Peter Murphy JC september 14th 2001
Hot Press december 20th 2007 Olaf Tyaransen CP prob. november 19th 2007
Hot Press september 2nd 2010 Paul Nolan P august 2010
Irish Times may 17th 1997 Kevin Courtney J prob. may 8th 1997
RTÉ 2fm may 8th 1997 Dave Fanning J may 8th 1997
RTÉ 2fm june 20th 1997 Dave Fanning TJ june 20th 1997
RTÉ 2fm june 3rd 2003 Dave Fanning T ca. may 17th-18th 2003
RTÉ 2fm september 4th 2010 P september 4th 2010