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Pablo Honey The Bends OK Computer Kid A Amnesiac Hail to the Thief In Rainbows The King of Limbs
Publication Publication Date Author/Interviewer/Host Interview Date
Rip It Up #199 march 1994 John Taite J prob. january 1994
Rip It Up #213 may 1995 Stephen Dowling JE prob. february 1995
Rip It Up #238 june 1997 Bronwyn Trudgeon C prob. april 1997
Rip It Up #247 march 1998 John Russell J january 28th 1998
Rip It Up #275 september 2000 Scott Kara / Emma Philpott S ca. july/august 2000
Rip It Up #281 june 2001 Scott Kara EP early april 2001