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Thom: "Well, this is a first!

Beth: "I'm glad I'm your first!


Interviewer: "Do you want to request a song or something? Do you want to ask a question- because I know it's all about the music for you?

Thom: "Yeah, isn't it just.

Beth: "You're just faking it with the whole lust thing?

Thom: "Yeah.

Beth: "I really love you guys, Radiohead are my favourite band.

Interviewer: "Oh really? What's your favourite Radiohead song?

Beth: "Ummm, probably '(Nice Dream)'.

Thom: "I could probably play that for you, if you wanted... I don't mind.

Interviewer: "I know you had one picked out that you really wanted to do.

Thom: "Yeah, 'Fake Plastic Trees'. I really want to play that for you.

Interviewer: "Then maybe we could do Beth's favourite song. Dim the lights and all that.

Thom: "Yeah, I could do that for you now if you want.

Interviewer: "Ok, this is Thom Yorke from Radiohead...

*Thom performs 'Fake Plastic Trees' on acoustic guitar (strings snap)*


Interviewer: "Well, I guess we broke a string or two during that one... Well, thanks Thom. Is that song a tribute or something to the plastic surgery industry here in the USA? Fake Plastic Trees?

Thom: "I don't really know.

Interviewer: "Well, let's take a break here on Kroq, with Thom Yorke from Radiohead.


Interviewer: "We're back, and bigger than ever.

Thom: "Stuff happens, and that... happened. (referring to failed FPT)

Interviewer: "Is it a sort of, Pete Townshend, Kurt Cobain moment..

Thom: "Raw and acoustic, you could say.

Interviewer: "Yeah, a kind of unsatisfying sound.

Thom: "When the guitar hit the floor there, that normally sounds better. I could do it again if you liked!

Interviewer: "*laugh* Maybe not, I mean people want to see you play live. Alanis (Morrisette, who RH were touring in support of) did Fake Plastic Trees live?

Thom: "It'd be great if you could bring her in here and she could do it... (tounge-in-cheek)

Interviewer: "(jokingly) Well, she's in the other room, let's bring her in here... Thom Yorke from Radiohead on KROQ. So how did that (the tour) work out, how did that happen?

Thom: "Well, I got a fax from her one day saying that she was doing it... I've never properly talked to her. I just said hello once and that was it.

Interviewer: "Acoustic Christmas or something, in the hallway?

Thom: "Yeah, she was coming off stage and I just passed by and said hello.

Interviewer: "Anyway, I remember seeing you walking around and you had that trademark sort of sneer going.

Thom: "I think that's probably.. because I've been drinking!

Interviewer: "*laughs* That seems to be a running theme!

Thom: "Yes.

Interviewer: "But you're drinking water now, just want everyone to know that.

Thom: "Yeah.

Interviewer: "It is only three o clock in the afternoon! Speaking of the trademark sneer I don't know if you've got this from anyone else but I see a Johnny Rotten sort of resemblence, I don't know whether you're flattered by that or what...

Thom: "Yeah, the Sex Pistols. They're reforming, aren't they?

Interview: "Yes, I thought you might have something to say about that!

Thom: "Well, they're in it for the money, aren't they?

Interviewer: "They said it themselves...

Thom: "Yes, and that's... that's fine, that abolishes all responsibility.

Interviewer: "At least they're upfront about it!

Thom: "Yeah.

Interviewer: "The other thing I was hearing is that you do a killer version of Oasis' 'Wonderwall'.

Thom: "God, that was quick wasn't it?


Thom: "Hang on- that was in Canada, how do you know about that?

Interviewer: "I guess they're just enjoying that sort of thing. It's that internet thing!

Thom: "Oh No!

Interviewer: "It's an amazing transistion of information.

Thom: "Yeah, computer viruses... It was only a thirty second thing, they could do the same to us. (about wonderwall)

Interviewer: "So are you a big Oasis fan?

Thom: "No, I thought they were amazing at KROQ- the best band of the night. Except Sonic Youth, they're always the best band of the night!

Interviewer: "I LOVE Sonic Youth. I thought that was a brilliant use of their 20 minutes on stage!

Thom: "I got to speak to them as well. They thought I was some kind of loony and ran away!

Interviewer: "They were right!

Thom: "Yeah, they were amazing that night.

Interviewer: "I think they just thought- we've only got 20 minutes, let's do the full album version.

Thom: "Yeah, amazing.

Interviewer: "I like that! I love Sonic Youth- they are one of my favourite bands.

Thom: "Yeah, they are brilliant geniuses. There, I said it!

Interviewer: "Welcome to the Sonic Youth appreciation fan (club)...

Thom: "Yeah, have people switched off yet? They did just now...

Interviewer: "Oh, no-one ever listens to my show. It's just you and me talking, thom!

Thom: "Really, that makes me feel a lot better.

Interviewer: "All right, are you OK there Thom?

Thom: "Yeah, I'm gonna do it again, once more...

Interviewer: "OK, from the top, Thom Yorke on KROQ.

*Thom performs FPT again* (adds extra line "not running" and extended guitar solo)


Interviewer: "Do you feel better about that, Thom?

Thom: "Yeah, that was better!

Interviewer: "It was way cool...and it sounded excellent. Ok, Thom Yorke on KROQ, a sold out show at the Wiltern Theatre for Radiohead and David Gray, talking to Tammy- and thom playing live in the studio.

Thom: "That song was for all the men...

Interviewer: "Fake Plastic Trees?

Thom: "Yeah, it's a very masculine song, if you know what I mean.

Interviewer: "Just so you know, these are real. I know you can't see over the great wall of KROQ but I assure you they are real!

Thom: [laughs]

Interviewer: "I mean, why would anyone get a b-cup? You get fake b-cups, yeah? In this town...

Thom: "Yeah.

Interviewer: "So have you gone hollywood on us yet, thom?

Thom: "Have i gone hollywood? No. I tried briefly.

Interviewer: "Really? Tell me about that.

Thom: "Well... It was kind of at KROQ, really, meeting all of the famous people.

Interviewer: "Which famous people?

Thom: "Ah, well I won't name names.

Interviewer: "Oh come on, drop names, you're on this channel, c'mon!

Thom: "Well, anyway they come up and they're kind of in my face...

Interviewer: "Initials?

Thom: "No..

Interviewer: "Was it male or female?

Thom: "Both parties, actually... but I was really rubbish, I didn't know what to do, I didn't pay the lip service because I didn't know that was what you had to do, and I was off my face again.

Interviewer: "You were drunk again, really?

Thom: "Yeah, well, and they all thought i was being rude, but I couldn't speak... and that's as hollywood as I'll get!

Interviewer: "You don't have to, you know, pay the lip service. You'll respect yourself in the morning more if you don't.

Thom: "That's what Micheal Stipe said. There you go, a name-drop, that's my one name-drop in life...

Interviewer: "I was gonna ask you, because I know that you guys were hanging out; did you work on some music or whatever?

Thom: "Oh no, no no, we just met up with them in seattle

Interviewer: "You guys struck up a friendship, kind of?

Thom: "We toured with them last year and it was the first time we'd seen them since then, so it was great. They're sort of busy in the midst of an album whereas we're not finished with this one, the momentum's still going... but it was great seeing them again.

Interviewer: "Well, OK, do you want to play something else for us?

Thom: "Aaah!

Interviewer: "Well, it's your descision

Thom: "I'm honestly surprised if people haven't turned off the radio by now, if you are still listening...

Interviewer: "Oh no Thom, they love you.. You have a sold out concert tonight, people are buying (the bends). It went gold, that means people are buying it and they like it-

Thom: "It means that someone bought a lot of copies- EMI bought a lot of copies of the record.

Interviewer: "It's not just the record label buying lots of copies of their own album; people love you.

Thom: "Well, I hope so.

Interviewer: "So, a song?

Thom: "Someone told me that I have to do High and Dry...

Interviewer: "Someone told you?

Thom: "Yeah, like at gunpoint or something!


Interviewer: "Well, as long as you're ok with that...

Thom: "Yeah, I'll go with it.

*Performs High And Dry*

Interviewer: "Now, See, That was great- What were you worried about that for? That was great, that was inspired.

Thom: "Thanks.

Interviewer: "I'm being sincere here, can you feel the warmth of my sincerity shining through?

Thom: "Yeah, thanks a lot...

Interviewer: "Thom Yorke on KROQ live, it's been great having you

Thom: "[mock child voice] Thanks for 'aving me...

Interviewer: "It's a pleasure, next time we'll get some beers over."

Thom: "OK!"

Interviewer: "And we'll go online and have cybersex and stuff!

Thom: "I'll break a few strings, yeah...

Interviewer: "Well, we'll see you tonight at your concert, Thom Yorke on KROQ, bye.

Thom: "Bye...