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DJ: "...And tonight this is one I've been looking forward to for a long time, it's Radiohead as a matter of fact it's just Thom Yorke vocalist and guitarist. Hi Thom.

Thom: "Hi.

DJ: "How're you doing?

Thom: "Okay.

DJ: "Current album The Bends it's great it's an awesome record and do you wanna start off the show from something from that of a new song?

Thom: "No I'll start with the last song on the album.

[Plays 'Street Spirit']

DJ: "That's Thom Yorke from Radiohead on 'Just Passing Through' on HFS and Street Spirit that's the final song on The Bends album. That's actually a single that's out in Europe right now with some really great b-sides on it too.

Thom: "Yeah, the b-sides we're really proud of those actually.

DJ: "I love song number 3. Whoa.

Thom: "Yeah.

DJ: "Good song. Actually aside from The Bends, Thom, which has been out for the last year you guys also made a contribution to an album called 'Help', the song was called 'Lucky'. For everybody who doesn't know about it, tell us a little about album and what the charity was for and maybe you could play the song for us too.

Thom: "At the time when it first happened a few bands wanted to in that awful way, you know, do some sort of gesture and make a record for the thing that was going on in Bosnia because it seemed the general apathy had sort of prevailed every section of society and no one really gave a damn. But then someone hit upon the idea of recording... um... all the bands going in the studio the same day recording and then have the record out the same week which was from an old John Lennon quote. So that got everyone excited and all the bands wanted to do it. It'll be for the Warchild charity which is specifically for the children that have been infected and lost their families and so on. We had one particular song called 'Lucky' that we had kicking around anyway so we decided we were going put it on it, on this record, cause it was a chance for us to record it anyway and most people they were doing covers or written songs specifically for it. They did actually mange it, we turned it around in a week, all when in the same day and by the end of that week the album was out.

DJ: "That's must've been fun.

Thom: "Yeah it was really cool. On the day of doing cause obviously we had to publize it we said 'Ok a few T.V crews can come into the studio'. So we spent the first five hours doing interviews thinking 'we gotta do this song at some point'

DJ: "'Uh... We're gonna do a song aren't we?' [laughs]

Thom: "We did it.

DJ: "Alright do you feel like doing that right now?

Thom: "Yeah.I'll do that one now.

DJ: "This is Thom Yorke from Radiohead on 'Just Passing Through' on HFS.

[Plays 'Lucky']

DJ: "Great to have you on the show.

Thom: "It's a pleasure to be here.

DJ: "Nah, I think you're just saying that. [laughs]. I love your record The Bends and you know what actually very cool about the whole thing, every video you put out from it is so great. I bet you hear that a lot.

Thom: "I'm fine with actually cause we went from being the band that absolutely hated doing videos to being really really into the idea.

DJ: "Do you get really involved with it as far as what you want?

Thom: "Well no actually. I mean only in the sense that I'm actually the one that's calls the director and stuff. It's a really weird system in the music industry, most artists have people that just go out and find them music video director and do all the work. Whereas the person that we worker with is very close friend of ours and said a while ago we wanted to work with people who would not normally work in that field. After we worked with Jack Scott on 'Fake Plastic Trees' we sort of got off on that, what we resented was that fact that we had to pay so much money [laughs] and his was so experniced and it was sort of intimidating so we wanted to work with people who hadn't really done much before like the guy from 'Just' hadn't done any pop videos at all. He made this really beautiful short film that we saw.

DJ: "And he works for pizza.

Thom: "No...well he just left film school.

DJ: "It's a great video as far as the end of it where it's left open and what that guy said. Will you ever tell?

Thom: "No. It's a sworn secret, I mean, part of the whole point of the video idea that we would retain this secret forever which is great we thought it was a wonderful idea.

DJ: "Also the video for 'High & Dry' that was really great too.

Thom: "I was really into...cause we reshot that one, we were ever unhappy with the first one. The second one was...actually the amount of involvement again was very minimal, you know, in fact I remember the first thing we ever said once we chosen who we'd do it with Paul Cunningham. We said 'Actually we don't really be in the video of we have to be in the video you have to come around our house and film us in bed.

DJ: "Well Thom from Radiohead is our guest tonight; do you feel like doing 'High & Dry' right now?

Thom: "What's 'High & Dry'? Never heard of it. [laughter]

[Plays 'High & Dry']

DJ: "Very nice it's 'High & Dry', Thom Yorke from Radiohead on HFS on ' Just Passing Through'. Thom, so you guys have toured the U.S. a number of times, what's it like for you , I mean, what's the thing you like the most about U.S. what’s the thing that's most quaint or charming or annoying for that matter.

Thom: "Uh... the thing I hate about the most is that it's such a big place and uh... it's really been very difficult on this record cause what I hate about was the legacy of the previous one and we had to work very hard to make any impact at all. It wouldn't really matter where I was, I mean, I could be in Iceland I just really wanna be at home and that's it, you know. So what do I like about America, I like the fact that I'm going home in five days.

DJ: "[laughs]

[Plays 'Motion Picture Soundtrack']

DJ: "What's that one called?

Thom: "At the moment it’s called 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' cause I thought that would be a really good way to get on MTV.

DJ: "I can see that alright. That’s' a new song from Radiohead, Thom Yorke is our guest on 'Just Passing Through' on HFS. Will that one wind up on the new record, Thom?

Thom: "Um... I sincerely hope so cause that's the one I'm really proud of just cause of the melody, you know, it's one of those where you wake of in the middle of the night singing in your head or you do if you've written it I suppose.

DJ: "Alright.I wanna thank you for being our guest on the show tonight we're gonna wrap things up with, I guess, one more song.

Thom: "One more song?

DJ: "One more song but before go actually, you've been on tour with so many different bands over the course of The Bends I just wanna ask you really quick who have been your favorite to hang out with that you played with in other bands?

Thom: "You know I mean R.E.M are my ultimate heroes basically.

DJ: "And they're huge fans of yours too.

Thom: "Yeah there's this disgusting mutual appreciation society which nobody else should see cause it's really foul, you know. we did this gig in Settle and they threw a party for us in a club that Peter Buck's wife runs and it's really good and so nice to sorta see them again. You forget the fact that they're R.E.M and you're sitting there and you're talking to Peter Buck and you're talking about whatever, you know, they're making they're album at the moment, you think ' But your album is gonna be completely huge' and I'm sitting there saying " Yeah yeah it's really difficult to tune Rickenbacker's or whatever it is'

DJ: "Thanks a lot Thom for being on the show and what would we like to close it out with?

Thom: "Well you know, Fake Plastic Trees.

[Plays 'Fake Plastic Trees']