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DJ: "An incredible show last night -Radiohead. In the studio we have with us Jonny and Ed. Welcome to "The End", guys.

Ed and Jonny: "Thank you

DJ: "Thank you for being here. Great show last night. The beginning of the tour at DV8 last night seems somewhat different to what you've done before, and I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but maybe you could do a better job of that.

Jonny: "Different. Well, the last show we meant to do here we had to cancel. Everything was stolen about two days before we got to Seattle so, yeah, that was all a bit of an alarming incident, wasn't it Eddie?

Ed: "Yeah, and we're playing some new songs as well. Part of the thing on this tour is obviously to keep on touring America, but it's also for us. We've been rehearsing, recording stuff for the new album, the third album, so we want to play that in, so. it seemed to go down pretty well. A good way to get perspective on a song is playing it in font of an audience and get a feel for it.

DJ: "And obviously the audience loved it a great deal. Third album, when's that going to be due? Well, I would guess it's due. When's it going to be out?

Ed: "It could be September, it could be 98. that's the way we're looking at it. There are no deadlines on this. The record has to be right. Whenever it is right, finished, then that will come out.

DJ: "Last night you did the show at DV8 and, I think I should share this with everybody, after the show there was a little bit of a private party for you at the Crocodile, and it seemed like every rock star that's available in Seattle was there wanting to meet you guys. Am I right in saying that?

Ed: "Well, we wanted to meet them.

DJ: "No, I think it was the other way round.

Ed: "No, it wasn't, 1 can assure you!

DJ: "They like you a great deal, they really do. Look, you're in the studio, it's all-request, I think what we should do is play - and this for me is one of my favorites - and I've been having a debate about this, did it come out in 1993 or 1994? I think in England it was 1992 wasn't it?

Ed: "92 first release, yeah.

DJ: "And it's Creep, of course. It's 107.7 -"The End", Radiohead are in the studio.


DJ: "I still have to say it, one of my all time favorite records, it really is. Creep there, from Radiohead, in the studio with us, Jonny and Ed. They're going to be going down to Portland in just a little while and, I think I should explain to everybody, the lads have been taking calls from listeners and people have been saying "Well, where's Thom? I thought he was going to come in and do a little acoustic thing?" Yes that was going to happen, wasn't it? You guys explain.

Jonny: "Well, that's nothing, one of these people on the phone just said that they heard a rumor that Thorn had sung a version of Wonderwall [everybody laughs] on Canadian radio two days ago! And we can quite happily scotch or scorch that can't we!

DJ: "Explain to people why Thom isn't here, if you would.

Ed: "It's because his throat is very sore at the moment. We were up in Canada in the cold air for whatever reason, and it's also lots of plane flying as well, and the last couple of nights he hasn't really been able to give it all each night.

Jonny: "The shows come first of course.

Ed: "The shows always come first.

Jonny: "A bit of a showbiz phrase

Ed: "The show must go on da-Da-da-Da...

DJ: "Do you like doing this? Do you like touring round and performing in front of a lot of people? You never know what's going to happen really, I suppose.

Jonny: "We were shown some mammary glands yesterday, weren't we?

Ed: "Yeah, we were shown some breasts for the first time ever!

DJ: "Seattle ladies were showing you their breasts?

Ed: "Good Lord! We're shy retiring Oxford chaps!

Jonny: "We had to cough and look away, didn't we! [all laugh]

DJ: "Actually, I believe you as well! They're called Radiohead, they're going off to Portland - great show last night - we're going to play another cut, I think this is my favorite from the album, from the new one, it's called High and Dry. Thank you very much for being here.

Ed: "Thanks a lot.

Jonny: "Thank you.

DJ: "Radiohead, everybody, on 107.7, "The End".

[High and Dry]