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'Sulk' was apparently inspired by the Hungerford Massacre in England. Initially, it was one of four songs that were earmarked as possible first singles from the second album. In the end, it turned out to be the least popular song of the album among the band members, and of course never was a single. But when sessions began they tried to record it with the idea in mind that it might be a strong first single.
'Sulk' had its live premiere during that period of initial sessions on february 21st 1994 at the Royal Berks Social Club in Reading:
The band had great difficulty recording 'Sulk'. It was the last song to be tracked. The final version comes from the november 1994 sessions at Abbey Road Studios in London.
As this is the one song from The Bends which the band came to dislike the most, it comes as no suprise that it has only been played very few times live, and only in 1995. The last known live performance of 'Sulk' comes from november 1st 1995 in Leeds: