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It's unknown whether the music was already in existance during the sessions for Kid A, but the title phrase appears in the artwork of Amnesiac:

W.A.S.T.E. sold a t-shirt, that features the title phrase and the crying minotaur (click image for full size):

During the Kid A era, the title phrase could also be seen in this lengthy piece from the on in a page titled '[proactive]':

you willsooon be on the scrap heap in bits and pieces. the cameras will not save you now or then. i saw the sky turn green come on now goddamit hold on to me here come the giant insects with giant teeth and acid blood. godamn yuo for doing this t us. godamn yuo for doing this t us. i am citizen insane all history is frozen. itlll all blow over so(o)n. sleeping leviathan. bodies floating down the muddy rivver in bits and pieces. the steering wheel through the ribs. the shadows swallowing my soul. fall through a blck hole and start again. justa shell remains bleeding on the pavement. you can stuf it with straw and dreess it in bright clothes to scare the crows but they will not be impressed. i dont understand a word you say and you seem so far away, your lips are cold. your eyes are beach stones. everything washes over you like a shipwreck. constant agony. the painkillers send you back n time. the bodies floatinng down stream. the truck loads with machetes. the dead can come back to life cut your tails witha carving knife. like rotten wood. eyes popped out like cigarette machines. the cameras will be gone. the make up will run the set rolled away. and history is at an end the communists have lost control the empire will grow and grow and we shall all be bled to death to feed
'I am Citizen Insane' was released as a b-side on the Go to Sleep single on August 18th 2003. As it is credited "produced by Radiohead, engineered by Graeme Stewart", it's safe to assume that it comes from the eight weeks of rehearsals in spring 2002.
In 2003, a sample from the song, called 'T59', was made available in the Loophole section of
This print, sold by Stanley Donwood on his website, features the phrase repeated many times, again with the crying minotaur: