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In 2014, Jonny made a guest appearance during Israeli musician Shye Ben Tzur's London concert, where they previewed some of the music of Junun.

Jonny has explained the collaboration thusly:

When I was in the Negev desert in southern Israel [in the early 2010s], I heard a band playing a song using an Arabic violin called a rehab. It was a strange mix of Arabic and traditional Indian music, one that I'd never come across before. The best song, I found out, was written by Shye Ben Tzur, an Israeli musician who had been living in India until this year. I set out to discover more about him ... I'm always a little wary of rock bands half-heartedly dabbling in world music - itself a slightly greasy term - but there are exceptions. Damon Albarn is one: his work with musicians in Mali is something he's clearly fully committed to. And I think Shye Ben Tzur is another."
In early 2015, Jonny travelled to India to collaborate with Ben Tzur and The Rajasthan Express at the Red Fort in Jodhpur. The two were joined in the summer of 2015 for two performances at the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival.
The album "Junun", a collection of 13 songs, was released through Nonesuch on November 20th 2015.

All music composed by Shye Ben Tzur
Arranged by Shye Ben Tzur & Jonny Greenwood
Produced by Jonny Greenwood
Recorded, mixed and engineered by Nigel Godrich
  1. Junun
  2. Roked
  3. Hu
  4. Chala vahi des
  5. Kalandar
  6. Eloah
  7. Julus
  8. Allah Elohim
  9. Ahuvi
  10. Azov
  11. Junun Brass
  12. There Are Birds in the Echo Chamber
  13. Mode
Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of There Will Be Blood, The Master and Inherent Vice, joined them and filmed the experience. His footage was released as an hour-long documentary.