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The following recording is said to be a 4-track demo, but it sounds too much like a studio recording to be one. It might after all be mislabelled and stem from an unidentified radio broadcast:
Thom: "It's kind of a song about being in a band. Sort of all the positive and negative sides at the same time. And also, it's a reaction against, um, hair bands. People that wear leather trousers and therefore think that when they come offstage they're entitled to a blow job because they're in a band and all that sort of thing. We still meet people in bands who are living out this rock and roll legend thing that just DIED years ago. If people are still living it out then they obviously need to go into therapy or something. So there's all that side of it. But there's also the really positive side of being in a band, and, just really honest, we really enjoy it."
ED'S DAD sounds like a great bloke. He rates Primal Scream, reads the music press and rips the piss out of old Radiohead videos. He actually throws parties, bringing all of his mates around for a few beers, for some banter and the inevitable rerun of the 'Pop Is Dead' promo. That's his favourite.

"What's going on there, then?" he'll ask his boy, jabbing at the remote control switch. "You call that a music video? So why is there a lizard in that scene? Explain it to me." He rewinds the tape just for the hell of it, thoroughly enjoying himself, as his guests chortle at the grand pretentiousness of it all.

"Look. A lizard. Call yourself an O'Brien? Do you, son?"
Anyone Can Play Guitar was Radiohead's second single and first top 40 chart hit in the UK, reaching #32. Nonetheless it was denied any radio play by Radio One in England because - in Thom's words - "we were singing about playing guitars and stuff". The video was shot in a disused swimming pool in Hornsey, London.
On january 28th 1993 the band performed this song (along with 'Creep') for ITV's 'The Beat' - the band's first appearance ever on television:

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Since touring for The Bends Thom sang "I want to be in this band when I get to heaven".