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Thom and Nigel played a work-in-progress version of the song during their DJ set at the AV Club in Los Angeles on April 27th 2012:
1. april 27th 2012 Transmission LA: AV Club Los Angeles, CA USA Link
Radiohead's Polyfauna app, originally released during The King of Limbs with music that was based on the various musical layers of 'Bloom', was updated on september 2nd 2014 and featured new visuals and music. Instead of using 'Bloom', the music was provided by Thom, who used the occasion to preview his upcoming solo album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, released september 26th 2014. Elements of all eight tracks of the album were included. There are four layers of each song, which are given here for 'Interference':
All four layers sync up perfectly, and give a good impression of the album version when stacked on top of each other: