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Kid A Tracklist
Paul Anderson: “The first two tracks on the album are, I think, quite brave openers.”

Ed O’Brien: “Chris, Bryce and Brian, our managers, said - Chris particularly said - you know, we were talking about the track openers - he said 'What is the first track that you would like people to hear?' And unanimously we all said 'Everything in Its Right Place'.” [...]

Paul: “From a listener point of view I'd have to say it's a good call. Because it really sounds like the beginning of something.”

Ed: “Yeah, it definitely sets the tone of it. It's the key to this record.”
Jonny Greenwood: “‘Everything In Its Right Place’ [...] dictated how we sequenced the record, because we knew it had to be the first song, and everything just followed after it. [...] Part of the process of recording this record meant that it took us so long to get our heads together and to get into a position where we were enjoying ourselves that it was quite hard to stop and we seemed to just record song after song, and [...] we certainly had too much for one record.”

Nic Harcourt: “So you didn't want to do a double album, because...”

Jonny: “We thought about it, but there's a sort of... I don't know, there's an arrogance in them. Bands get to a stage where they think their music is worth three hours of your time, and it's not really...”
Colin Greenwood: “We’d go in for like a week, like every day from 4 o’clock through to 11 or 12, working on the tracklistings for Kid A and with all the songs that we’d recorded, desperately trying to put in the songs that are on the next album, and we just couldn’t make an order fit.”