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Amnesiac Tracklist
Paul Anderson: “Another album is done, is it, it's finished?”

Ed O’Brien: “Basically, yeah, we've got tracks finished. We had two albums worth of material. Some of the songs that we'd been playing live, a lot of them are the ones that are not on Kid A. Songs like 'Knives Out', and there's one that's tentatively titled 'Egyptian Song'. And, they're amazing tracks, 'I Might Be Wrong'... they just didn't make Kid A, but they've got to be released, 'cause they're some of the best stuff we've ever done.” [...]

Paul: “When is this next album likely to see release?”

Phil Selway: “Well, we haven't actually managed to find a tracklisting for it yet.”

Ed: “We've got to do that...”

Phil: “We've got to do that, yeah. Take a note... [laughter] But we don't want to leave it too long, really. Because all this material came out at the same sessions as well, so if it was like a year down the line after Kid A it would just... you'd just feel as though you're flogging the same horse for quite a while, really.”

Ed: “It would be great if it was... I think the idea is to have it before April of next year.”
Jonny Greenwood: “Part of the process of recording this record meant that it took us so long to get our heads together and to get into a position where we were enjoying ourselves that it was quite hard to stop and we seemed to just record song after song, and had far too many for one record. We have to do something with them. We're still not sure how we're going to release them, or what order we're going to put them in, or how long the record's going to be, but we certainly had too much for one record.”

Nic Harcourt: “So you didn't want to do a double album, because...”

Jonny: “We thought about it, but there's a sort of... I don't know, there's an arrogance in them. Bands get to a stage where they think their music is worth three hours of your time, and it's not really...”

Nic: “But clearly the songs are important...”

Jonny: “Yeah.”

Nic: “...and you feel that they're worthy of another album's worth of material...”

Jonny: "Yeah, I think that's true."
Colin: “It was over an eighteen month period of recording and we didn’t want to combine all the recordings, because we don’t like double albums, and we didn’t want to tax the listeners attention span... so we started off with one record, and the ones left over we sort of managed to put together. But we are happy with how they work together, both records, I think. ”

Chris Douridas: “So, hearing it like that it sounds like they were almost outtakes or left-overs that... ”

Ed O’Brien: “No, no, it’s not. That is one of the main things that we’re really trying to get across, it’s not outtakes.”

Colin: “We’d go in for like a week, like every day from 4 o’clock through to 11 or 12, working on the tracklistings for Kid A and with all the songs that we’d recorded, desperately trying to put in the songs that are on the next album, and we just couldn’t make an order fit. So there’s absolutely no sense of these other songs on Amnesiac being left-overs.”