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Radiohead's Oxfordshire Studio
On september 8th 2005 Radiohead (in fact Thom alone) recorded 'I Want None Of This' for the Help! compilation.
The band reconvened a few weeks after that session to continue working on new material. Two weeks, from september 19th to 30th, were spent in the band's own studio to sketch out arrangements and lyrics. Stanley joined them and started working on artwork that was used in the official Radiohead calendar for 2006.

At the end of the two week session there is a blackboard filled with song titles and short notes:

This is a transcript of the blackboard, some of it is illegible:
  1. no shame
  2. videotape
  3. solutions
  4. house of cards
  5. bodysnatchers -> bassline/lyrics/synths vocoder
  6. morning mi lord
  7. faust arp
  8. suit don't fit
  9. nude -> strings/choir
  10. arpeggi
  11. open pick -> string pts/bass
  12. a pig's ear -> strings
  13. trills (i am walking on stage now)
  14. reckoner
  15. skirting on the surface -> rewrite
  16. fela kuti thing -> lyrics
  17. can stylee____________________________strings
  18. burn the witch -> orchestration________revue loops/lyrics
  19. down is the new up -> vibes loop/bass/drums
  20. i'm walking on stage now -> ?
I) 5ths/AS Videotape
II) eye of a needle
III) AS sample vinyl E
IV) spot 12?
V) ???
VI) 15 step thing
VII) ??? rhythm
VIII) ???
IX) ???
X) get off ???


1 Big Cheese
2 ?/All I need -> revue loops
3 Bangers'n Mash
4 5/4 piano (sample)
5 Burn the witch
6 bodies laughing/i can't ??? it
(-> sample AS)
7 PSR - Jonny loops - BBC
Reckoner is Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses, the new Reckoner had not been written yet
Notable absences: Rubbernecks, Up on the Ladder, Bombers/4 Minute Warning
Could be on here under an early title: Staircase, Codex