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This music was filmed at the Neolithic Long barrow Wayland's Smithy in Oxfordshire and directed by Dwight Clarke.
Ed's dad sounds like a great bloke. He rates Primal Scream, reads the music press and rips the piss out of old Radiohead videos. He actually throws parties, bringing all of his mates around for a few beers, for some banter and the inevitable rerun of the "Pop Is Dead" promo. That’s his favourite.

What's going on there, then?"" he’ll ask his boy, jabbing at the remote control switch. "You call that a music video? So why is there a lizard in that scene? Explain it to me." He rewinds the tape just for the hell of it, thoroughly enjoying himself, as his guests chortle at the grand pretentiousness of it all.

"Look. A lizard. Call yourself an O'Brien? Do you, son?"