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1998-01-1x Video Message for NME Awards
1998-01-17 Tokyo, Japan - Akasaka Blitz
1998-01-1x Telephone Interview with Jonny
1998-01-1x WOWOW Interview with Ed & Colin
1998-01-18 Tokyo, Japan - Kokusai Forum A
1998-01-1x Interview for Snoozer

1998-01-1x Photo Session for Crossbeat

1998-01-1x Interview with Jonny, Ed & Colin
1998-01-19 Nagoya, Japan - Diamond Hall
1998-01-21 Fukuoka, Japan - Fukuoka Crossing Hall
1998-01-2x Interviews with Thom / Jonny / Colin
1998-01-2x Photo Session for Rockin'On
1998-01-22 Osaka, Japan - Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
1998-01-24 Tokyo, Japan - Akasaka Blitz