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1995 Live
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
01. february 10th 1995 Lomax Liverpool England
02. february 12th 1995 Apollo Theatre Oxford England
03. february 14th 1995 La Belle Angel Edinburgh Scotland
february 15th 1995 [unknown venue] Sheffield England [cancelled]
04. february 16th 1995 The Eve's Club London England
05. february 17th 1995 [unknown venue] Leicester England
06. february 21st 1995 La Maison de la Radio Paris France France Inter 'Black Session'
07. february 27th 1995 Bullet Sound Studio Nederhorst den Berg Netherlands 2 Meter Session
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
08. march 9th 1995 BBC Studios London England BBC One 'Top of the Pops'
09. march 9th 1995 University (Great Hall) Cardiff Wales
10. march 10th 1995 Bristol University Bristol England
11. march 11th 1995 City Hall Truro England
12. march 13th 1995 Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton England
13. march 14th 1995 Hallam University Sheffield England
14. march 15th 1995 Lemon Tree Aberdeen Scotland
15. march 16th 1995 The Garage Glasgow Scotland
16. march 18th 1995 University of Central Lancashire Preston England
17. march 19th 1995 Town Hall Middlesbrough England
18. march 20th 1995 Manchester University (Debating Hall) Manchester England
19. march 22nd 1995 Waterfront Norwich England
20. march 23rd 1995 Roadmender Centre Northampton England
21. march 24th 1995 The Forum London England
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
22. march 27th 1995 102.1 CFNY Studio Toronto Canada 102.1 CFNY
23. march 28th 1995 MuchMusic Studio Toronto Canada MuchMusic
24. march 29th 1995 Sam The Record Man Toronto Canada
25. march 30th 1995 86 Street Music Hall Vancouver Canada
26. april 1st 1995 Moe's Seattle, WA USA
27. april 3rd 1995 Justin Herman Plaza San Francisco, CA USA
28. april 4th 1995 KCRW Studio Santa Monica, CA USA KCRW 'Morning Becomes Eclectic'
29. april 4th 1995 Tower Records Hollywood, CA USA
30. april 5th 1995 [unknown venue] Chicago, IL USA
31. april 6th 1995 Venus de Milo Boston, MA USA
32. april 7th 1995 [unknown venue] New York City, NY USA
33. april 9th 1995 Washington Convention Center Washington, D.C. USA WHFS College Fest
34. april 10th 1995 MTV Studios New York City, NY USA MTV '120 Minutes'
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
35. april 19th 1995 Anson Rooms Bristol England BBC Radio 1 'Sound City'
36. april 20th 1995 Restaurang Två Plan Stockholm Sweden
37. april 20th 1995 Gino Stockholm Sweden
38. april 21st 1995 Hilversum Netherlands VPRO Villa 65 Session
39. april 24th 1995 Paris France Europe 1 Top Live Session
40. april 25th 1995 Studio Canal+ Paris France Canal+ 'Nulle Part Ailleurs'
41. april 26th 1995 Luxor Köln Germany
42. may 1st 1995 Piazza San Giovanni Roma Italy 1st of May Festival
43. may 2nd 1995 RAI Studios Roma Italy Planet Rock Session
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
44. circa may 9th-12th 1995 [Tokyo?] Japan 'Bubblegods' TV Broadcast
45. circa may 9th-12th 1995 [Tokyo?] Japan SSTV Broadcast
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
46. may 16th 1995 BBC Television Centre London England BBC Two 'Later... with Jools Holland'
47. may 1995 BBC Broadcasting House, Radio 1 Studio London England BBC Radio 1 'Johnnie Walker Show'
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
48. may 26th 1995 Paradise Lounge Boston, MA USA
49. may 27th 1995 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI USA
50. may 28th 1995 Pearl Street Northampton, MA USA
51. may 30th 1995 Toad's Place New Haven, CT USA
52. june 1st 1995 Tramp's New York City, NY USA
53. june 2nd 1995 The Black Cat Washington, D.C. USA
54. june 3rd 1995 Theater of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA USA
55. june 4th 1995 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN USA
56. june 4th 1995 Let It Be [in-store gig] Minneapolis, MN USA
57. june 5th 1995 Spectrum Montreal Canada
58. june 6th 1995 The Warehouse (RPM Club) Toronto Canada
59. june 7th 1995 Peabody's Down Under Detroit, MI USA
60. june 10th 1995 Metro Chicago, IL USA
61. june 12th 1995 NBC Studios New York City, NY USA NBC 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'
62. june 13th 1995 Mercury Café Denver, CO USA
63. june 15th 1995 The Palace Theater Hollywood, CA USA
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
64. june 18th 1995 Shibuya Koukaido Tokyo Japan
65. june 19th 1995 Diamond Hall Nagoya Japan
66. june 20th 1995 Imperial Hall Osaka Japan
67. june 22nd 1995 Crossing Hall Fukuoka Japan
68. june 24th 1995 Liquid Room Shinjuku Japan
69. june 25th 1995 Liquid Room Shinjuku Japan
70. june 27th 1995 Zanado (Xanadu) Sapporo Japan
71. june 28th 1995 Club Citta Kawasaki Japan
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
72. july 9th 1995 Starfish Room Vancouver Canada
73. july 10th 1995 The Sailors Of The Pacific Union Hall Seattle, WA USA
74. july 13th 1995 Slim's San Francisco, CA USA
75. july 14th 1995 Soma San Diego, CA USA
76. july 15th 1995 Niles Theater Mesa, AZ USA
77. july 16th 1995 Metropolis El Paso, TX USA
78. july 17th 1995 The Library Café Phoenix, AZ USA
79. july 18th 1995 The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS USA
80. july 19th 1995 Mid-South Coliseum Memphis, TN USA
81. july 20th 1995 [unknown venue] New Orleans, LA USA
82. july 21st 1995 99x FM Cat's Paw Studios Atlanta, GA USA
83. july 21st 1995 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA USA
84. july 22nd 1995 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC USA
85. july 24th 1995 Call the Office London Canada
86. july 25th 1995 Barrymore Music Hall Ottawa Canada
87. july 26th 1995 Saratoga Winners Cohoes, NY USA
88. late july 1995 Pearl Street Northampton, MA USA
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
89. july 30th 1995 The National Bowl at Milton Keynes Milton Keynes England supporting R.E.M.
90. august 1st 1995 Waldbühne Berlin Germany supporting R.E.M.
91. august 3rd 1995 Spektrum Oslo Norway supporting R.E.M.
92. august 4th 1995 Sjohistoriska Museét Stockholm Sweden supporting R.E.M.
93. august 6th 1995 Stadio Cibali Catania Italy supporting R.E.M.
94. august 8th 1995 [unknown studio] Jaffa/Tel Aviv Israel Galei Tzahal (Israel Army Radio)
95. august 9th 1995 Ramat Gan Stadium Tel Aviv Israel supporting R.E.M.
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
96. august 12th 1995 Studio Canal+ Paris France Canal+ 'Nulle Part Ailleurs'
97. august 13th 1995 [festival grounds] Roskilde Denmark Roskilde Festival
98. august 18th 1995 MTV Studios London England
99. august 26th 1995 Kiewit/Hasselt Belgium Pukkelpop Festival
100. august 27th 1995 Walibi World Biddinghuizen/Dronten Netherlands A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise Festival
101. august 29th 1995 [a tent in a park in Helsinki] Helsinki Finland Helsingin Juhlaviikot [Helsinki Festival]
102. september 1st 1995 Steinberggasse Winterthur Switzerland Winterthurer Musikfestwochen
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
103. september 8th 1995 Miami Arena Miami, FL USA supporting R.E.M.
104. september 9th 1995 Thunderdome St. Petersburg, FL USA supporting R.E.M.
105. september 11th 1995 Starwood Amphitheater Nashville USA supporting R.E.M.
106. september 12th 1995 Jefferson Civic Center Birmingham, AL USA supporting R.E.M.
107. september 13th 1995 LSU Assembly Center Baton Rouge USA supporting R.E.M.
108. september 15th 1995 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion The Woodlands, TX USA supporting R.E.M.
109. september 16th 1995 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion The Woodlands, TX USA supporting R.E.M.
110. september 17th 1995 Southpark Meadows Austin, TX USA supporting R.E.M.
111. september 19th 1995 Reunion Arena Dallas, TX USA supporting R.E.M.
112. september 20th 1995 Starplex Amphitheatre Dallas, TX USA supporting R.E.M.
113. september 22nd 1995 Riverport Amphitheater Maryland Heights, MO USA supporting R.E.M.
114. september 23rd 1995 Riverport Amphitheater Maryland Heights, MO USA supporting R.E.M.
115. september 24th 1995 New World Music Theatre Tinley Park/Chicago, IL USA supporting R.E.M.
116. september 26th 1995 Deer Creek Music Center Noblesville, IN USA supporting R.E.M.
117. september 27th 1995 Breslin Center East Lansing, MI USA supporting R.E.M.
118. september 28th 1995 Fort Apache Studios Cambridge/Boston, MA USA WFNX 'Live at Fort Apache'
119. september 29th 1995 Memorial Auditorium Buffalo, NY USA supporting R.E.M.
120. september 30th 1995 Hersheypark Stadium Hershey, PA USA supporting R.E.M.
121. october 1st 1995 The Meadows Music Theatre Hartford, CT USA supporting R.E.M.
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
122. october 2nd 1995 Mercury Lounge New York City USA
123. october 4th 1995 The Ogden Theater Denver USA
124. october 5th 1995 [unknown venue] Denver USA
october 7th 1995 PNE Forum Vancouver Canada [cancelled, gear stolen in Denver]
125. october 8th 1995 [unknown venue] Seattle USA
126. october 9th 1995 Salem Armory Salem USA
127. october 11th 1995 Civic Auditorium Santa Cruz USA supporting Soul Asylum
128. october 12th 1995 Warfield Theater San Francisco USA
129. october 15th 1995 Fresno State Amphitheater Fresno USA
130. october 16th 1995 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles USA
131. october 17th 1995 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles USA
132. october 18th 1995 Fresno State Amphitheater San Diego USA
133. october 20th 1995 UCR Recreation Center Riverside USA
134. october 1995 Hard Rock Café Las Vegas USA
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
135. october 28th 1995 XFM Studio London England XFM Session
136. october 31st 1995 Barrowland Ballroom Glasgow Scotland
137. november 1st 1995 Town & Country Club Leeds England
138. november 2nd 1995 The Academy Manchester England
139. november 4th 1995 Brixton Academy London England
140. november 5th 1995 Rock City Nottingham England
141. november 6th 1995 Corn Exchange Cambridge England
142. november 7th 1995 Guildhall Southampton England
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
143. november 9th 1995 Noorderlight Tilburg Netherlands
144. november 10th 1995 Café de la Danse Paris France
145. november 11th 1995 La Laiterie Strasbourg France
146. november 13th 1995 La Vapeur Dijon France
147. november 14th 1995 Virgin Megastore (Champs Elysées) Paris France
148. november 14th 1995 Studio Canal+ Paris France Canal+ 'Nulle Part Ailleurs'
149. november 16th 1995 Arena Auditorium Valencia Spain
150. november 17th 1995 La Riviera Madrid Spain
151. november 18th 1995 Zeleste Barcelona Spain
152. november 20th 1995 Le Rockstore Montpellier France
153. november 21st 1995 Planet Ringo Milano Italy Rete 105 FM show
154. november 21st 1995 Propaganda Milano Italy
155. november 22nd 1995 Tenax Firenze Italy
156. november 23rd 1995 Vidia Club Cesena Italy
157. november 25th 1995 Riem Airport, Charterhalle München Germany
158. november 26th 1995 Batschkapp Frankfurt am Main Germany
159. november 28th 1995 E-Werk Köln Germany
160. november 29th 1995 Markthalle Hamburg Germany
161. december 1st 1995 Gino Stockholm Sweden
162. december 2nd 1995 Mejeriet Lund Sweden
163. december 3rd 1995 Wembley Arena London England Smash Hits Poll Winners Party
164. december 4th 1995 Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
165. december 5th 1995 La Luna Theater Bruxelles Belgium
Date (contains Link) Venue City Country Notes
166. december 12th 1995 The Warehouse Toronto Canada
167. december 13th 1995 Spectrum de Montreal Montreal Canada
168. december 15th 1995 Berkeley Community Theatre Berkeley, CA USA Live 105 Green Christmas
169. december 16th 1995 San Jose State Event Center San Jose, CA USA KOME Almost Acoustic Xmas
170. december 17th 1995 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA USA KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas
171. december 18th 1995 Universal Amphitheater Los Angeles, CA USA 6th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas