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In March 2012, Jonny and Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki released an album together on the Nonesuch label. It includes Jonny's "Popcorn Superhet Receiver" and a new string orchestra work, "48 Responses to Polymorphia" (an homage to Penderecki's "Polymorphia" of 1961).

On the album, the piece has been divided into 9 parts:

  1. Es ist Genug
  2. Ranj
  3. Overtones
  4. Scan
  5. Baton Sparks
  6. Three Oak Leaves
  7. Overhang
  8. Bridge
  9. Pacay Tree
The score for one section of "48 Responses to Polymorphia" is a picture of a purple oak leaf — the players all begin on a single note, then slide off according to the patterns of the veins on the leaf. "It's me blowing a bit of smoke up Penderecki,"" Greenwood said, "because he's obsessed with trees. He's got an arboretum."
Information from the Faber Music website:
Description: 48 solo strings (24 vln.8 vla.8 vlc.8 db), all doubling optional pacay bean shakers
Duration: 19 (or 15)
Genres: String Orchestra
Instrumentation: 24 vln.8 vla.8 vlc.8 db - 48 pacay bean shakers* * - movements 4, 5 & 9 can be cut (creating a 15-minute version), in which case the shakers are not required Bean shakers are easily available on line from places such as:
First Performance: FP: 9.9.2011, European Culture Congress, Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw: Sinfonietta Cracovia/Krzysztof Penderecki