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In the spring of 2015, Stanley hosted a gallery show of his work. The show was accompanied by this music, composed by Thom. The soundscape is based on a previous work, Subterranea, created by Thom for another Donwood installation in 2011, Mithras Tauroctonos Subterranea, a labyrinth in an underground train station in London. According to Stanley, the new version is based on field recordings taken over 24 hours in a Dorset holloway, a sunken pathway with trees arching in a tunnel overhead. Stanley explained, "There's lots of bird song and distant sound, but if you give sound files to Thom he will do things to them. So he has done unspeakable things to the lovely mellifluous sounds of an English country day. Now it sounds really quite menacing."

In the gallery, three different tracks played simultaneously, one from sub-base woofers as visitors enter the space, one from mid-range speakers, and one from top-range speakers suspended from the ceiling. "So once you're right inside in the middle you'll get the whole thing," explained Stanley.

The soundscape also constantly shifted during the Sydney installation's 18 days on display, as the three tracks were played on random shuffle. "Mathematically if you have three things and you play them together at different times, the number of permutations is enormous," Stanley said. "So anyone who comes in at a different time will hear a different permutation of Subterranea Version Two."