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June 7th 2008
Dublin, Ireland - Malahide Castle Grounds
main set
01.15 Step
04.Bangers and Mash
06.Pyramid Song
07.Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
08.The Gloaming
09.The National Anthem
10.Faust Arp
13.Where I End and You Begin
15.Everything in Its Right Place
16.All I Need
17.There there
encore 1
18.Exit Music (For a Film)
19.Jigsaw Falling Into Place
20.Climbing Up the Walls
21.Planet Telex
22.How to Disappear Completely
encore 2
24.You and Whose Army?
Soundcheck: Where I End And You Begin, Super Collider (full band), Dollars And Cents, "Riding A Bullet" and another new song, Optimistic (a few chords), Planet Telex, Scatterbrain and Where I End And You Begin (this time the sound engineer would drop the drums, bass etc so that he'd get each instrument on its own for a little bit); apparently also Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

Support: Bat For Lashes
(photo by coogy, click for full size)
(photo provided by Adam, click for full size)
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