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This drawing by Thom, which depicts the "corridor", "stalactites and stalagmites" and "rows of never opened doors" was used in the booklet of Kid A, where it was printed on transparent paper, and also appeared in the 'scrapbook' section of Dead Air Space from circa 2005 onwards:

This text from a Kid A era page of, titled 'spectator sport', might be one of the sources for the lyrics. At any rate, it gives more insight into the "cows to the thunderbolt" line:

dream 172.

there is a certain time of year
when all the cows on the farm
go to slaughter.

jersey cows
trample you under foot.
you have to let them know
voice is on your side
and make them realise.

you aint havin none of it.
otherwise theyll trample you under foot as they stampede as they run screaming wailing with sad panic in their eyes as the farmer hangman comes for them to lead them to the electric exterminating thunderbolt.


Two lines similar to the lyrics above appeared in the 'scrapbook' section of in 2004:

This page appeared in during the Kid A period under the title 'K I N G R A T'. These lyrics indicated that the song was around during the Kid A sessions already, and indeed Ed confirmed in an interview from july 2008 for this website that he and Thom had done some work on the song back then. According to the source code the original html file of this page was created on january 4th 2000:


all i know this doesn't feel right

  • all i know a tissue of lies

all i know is what i fantessized

going in a circle

your the one who makes me empty

like anerve gas slowly escaping

like apoison killing sofftlly

like a victim left in agony

all i know is ive madea mistake

tell that to my face

tell that to my face

all i know is there is no E scape

the face at the edge of the frame



you r the fly waitin in my OinTMENT



just when i had lost all feeling

just when i had glued back all the pieces


your the cream in my airport coffeee

your the power wiping out my batteries

and i know im not together

and i know i might stay like this forever






today i have run out of excuses.



i am a
This image is taken from the Dead Children Playing book that accompanied the exhibition that Stanley held at Iguapop Gallery in Barcelona in 2006. It had been used before for the Amnesiac artwork. In the lower left half you can read the lines "i don't why i stick with you/if i had a voice" (click image for full size):

The song had its live debut during Radiohead's fourth webcast on december 18th 2002. Thom played it on a Fender Rhodes on his own. Whether 'I Froze Up' was seriously attempted during sessions for Hail To the Thief is unknown:
For more than 7 years nothing was known about the song until Thom performed it again on February 25th 2010 at his solo gig for the benefit of the Green Party at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge. The lyrics here suggest that the "skylark" and "corridor" verses had been contracted to one verse in the webcast version from 2002 because Thom forgot some lines then:
2. february 25th 2010 Corn Exchange Cambridge UK Link
As part of the initial touring for the "Atoms For Peace" project, the song was played once during Thom's solo section: